The White House Hosts Its Counter Ransomware Initiative
11-1-22 — This week in Washington DC, The White House is hosting cyber representatives from 37 countries and thirteen companies to address the growing threat of ransomware and other cyber crime.  The White House said one key topic for discussion will be how to disrupt such attacks and build resilience against them.

Across industries and geographies, CISOs and other senior cyber professionals continue to explore ways of adding value to their cyber programs – so the inclusion of private sector organizations in The White House discussions for the first time is a key development.

In the recently published Tag Cyber Quarterly (Q4 Edition), AJ Sarkar, Founder & CEO, RiskOpsAI™ commented: “Companies are looking for smart ways to pivot their traditional, governance based risk management programs to a vision that is forward looking, works in real time and leverages opportunities provided by today’s technology. Realistically, to get ahead of today’s cyber and data privacy challenges, the old way of managing risk just isn’t good enough.”

RiskOpsAI™ is engaged with many organizations to show how risk quantification and benchmarking, predictive analytics, risk scenario planning and risk visualization can help get cyber programs onto the front foot – including when tackling ransomware threats.

The White House said it is hoping countries will “institute a set of cyber norms that are recognized across the globe to counter criminal ransomware threats and hold malicious actors accountable.”  By leveraging today’s technology, these emerging “cyber norms” can quickly help address today’s threats and challenges in a meaningful way.

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