How to use an Incident Management Playbook

About the Guide:

Enterprises are overwhelmed with the challenges of building, operating, and optimizing large-scale data systems.

Data observability can simplify modern data pipelines by monitoring and correlating data workload events across application, data, and infrastructure layers to resolve issues that break production analytics and AI workloads.

The right data observability tools can significantly improve enterprise data system performance, cost, and agility.

Download this Eckerson Group’s guide to learn about:

  • How data observability can help enterprises improve operational excellence, innovation agility, and return on data investments
  • Use cases and implementation best practices
  • Benefits for data engineers, DevOps, SREs, platform engineers, analysts, and IT/business leaders
  • How GE Digital uses data observability tools to optimize enterprise data system operations and performance, and reduce annual operating costs by $30 million.