The Need to Strengthen Cyber Risk management Against Russian Threat

Many Enterprises Need to Strengthen Cyber Defenses Against Russia Threat

The US government is warning companies to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses due to the potential for a Russian invasion of Ukraine coupled with attacks on essential cyber infrastructure.

“Given the very high tensions that we are experiencing, companies of any size . . . would be foolish not to be preparing right now as we speak — to increase their defenses, to do things like patching, to heighten their alert systems, to be monitoring in real-time their cybersecurity,” said deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco.

Unfortunately, there is a significant gap between most companies’ ability to carry out cyber risk modeling and the volume and scale of the threats they face. One problem is that you can’t guard against what you can’t see — and many enterprises don’t have good visibility into the cyber threats faced by their suppliers, vendors, warehouses, and other third parties.

Modern integrated risk modeling solutions, on the other hand, uncover the big picture. Using data and intelligence gathered through real-time cyber monitoring, organizations have the ability to quantify specific risks and determine the biggest threats across the enterprise and its supply chain. This enables them to set priorities and develop sound response plans.

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