The Disconnect Between CEOs and their Cybersecurity CXOs
New research from the World Economic Forum reveals three “critical perception gaps” between companies’ chief information security officers (CISOs) and chief executive officers (CEOs.)

  • Is cyber a priority in business decisions? 92% of business executives surveyed say cyber resilience is integrated into their enterprise risk management strategies. However, only 55% of security-focused leaders agree.
  • How strong is leadership support for cybersecurity? 84% of survey respondents say their leadership team support and guide cyber resilience activity. But only 68% see it as a major part of their overall risk management.
  • How important is recruiting and retaining cyber talent? Business executives are less acutely aware of cyber skill shortages on their teams than security-focused leaders are.

In the report, WEF Managing Director Jeremy Jurgens writes: “Despite the growing cognizance of cyber risks, decision-makers and cyber experts are often not on the same page in terms of prioritizing cybersecurity, integrating cyber risk into business strategy, and integrating cyber leaders into business processes.”

Part of the solution to this disconnect is an Integrated Risk Modeling & Reporting platform that provides a holistic view of their enterprise risk landscape, the ability to tie risk management to organizational strategy, and a common terminology and “single source of truth” for understanding risk at all operational levels.

RiskOpsAI’ SaaS platform allows companies to measure, monitor, quantify, and report on many types of risks side-by-side and on-demand — risks related to cybersecurity, data privacy, regulatory compliance, operational effectiveness, supply chain resilience, and more.

This creates a timely, contextualized, enterprise-wide view of the organization’s unique risk profile. This eliminates the knowledge gaps and operational silos common in enterprise risk management and empowers executives to compare one vulnerability to another and understand the biggest threats facing their organizations.

The Integrated Risk Modeling & Reporting platform also links these business risks to the company’s strategic objectives and risk tolerance, so comparisons and decisions — about where to allocate resources and how to pivot as new risks emerge — are informed by this critical context.

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